What do you think about this contest !

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Well, nothing, just another contest🙄

This is a coding contest based on algorithms, data structures and problem solving. If you are new here.

Hosted by Ashwanth K.

Why is there no option to submit in the question…? @ashwanth2003 @admin

@ashwanth2003, after clicking the link to submit, it redirects to the question page itself…

Okay, it’s working now… :slight_smile:


Because its more of trick math and not programming

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what’s happend to Mahilmati contest? In contest area it’s not showing…

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you can accsess here:

thank you. :+1:

Is it a glitch or the contest has been removed from codechef contests as the submissions as well as contest is not visible?

Though it is accessible through the link.

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same here . @ashwanth2003 bro please correct it.
and may i give feedback on the contest?
( negative feedback).

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I saw the organizer submitting the solutions. Is it allowed?

i just tested it

codechef had removed my contest ,

it is accessible through the link

Why are you, being the setter, taking part in contest?

simply …

@ashwanth2003 Some of the questions were not correct to be placed here. take the bahudan for example. we should just print the number. It is extremely easy to copy and not get caught by it. moreover what can be learned from it? some mathematical concepts. this is not the place for that clearly.
That being said the questions were very good from a mathematical view but not so good as programming questions. Don’t be discouraged, and try better next time. may thalaiva’s blessing be with you