Major discrepancies in test cases of a problem in geeksforgeeks coding contest round 3

In the problem Rectangular Area -
assume 1 = “*” below 3 3 as codechef is not displaying star
The expected outcome of test case-
3 3

is 1 when it actually should be 9 because the problem asks for maximum connected occupied area. Now just 5 min after the contest when I uncommented the part of code where it checks for connected area when no unoccupied area is present it got A.C . This is just unfair beyond words also it has such a low accuracy as most codes failed on this case. The problem statement is also so ambiguous. Because of this many users didn’t get the rank they deserved including me. It cannot end like this , geeksforgeeks should either remove this problem or rejudge all the solutions . Such things are not expected from a site like geeksforgeeks.
W.A code -

A.C code -

Same thing happened to me, I wasn’t understanding where my solution was going wrong, kept trying till the end. Such a case is very ambiguous as the explanation didn’t cover it. Surely a letdown from geeksforgeeks in the final round.

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Yup what we can do now is mail them about this issue . If many people mail them about this issue they will surely take some action.

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I don’t understand why the answer to the above mentioned case can ever be 1, it should be n*m, or 0 if they consider that no piece of land can bought, i tried both during the contest , but without any result.
It is really frustrating now that I know that this was causing WA, and especially since I skipped the Good Bye 2019 contest on Codeforces for this one.
We can try mailing them, but I don’t think that any action will be taken :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes , no one would ever understand why it is 1 . Those who got A.C in this problem would be only considered lucky nothing else . Wasted 3 days of night just for the end to be like this is really frustrating. They rarely ever reply to email so yeah seems like this is it.

Also the test cases of other problems are so weak . In problem 2 O(n*q) should not have passed while this solution

passed in O(n*q) complexity.