From last two weeks or so my code is not getting autosaved in the codechef IDE(when writing code for problem submission) like when i close the browser(mine is chrome) and open it after few mintues or hours my code just vanishes and i see the template .
Even if i press refresh code vanishes and if i come back to submit page after like half hour same happens .
Is this happening with you guys too .
this is really frustating because i just lost my work of 2 hours in a blink :((
i like to code in codechef IDE only .
i have contacted the support but nothing to seems to change .
Suggest me some solution guys
i tried clearing cookies and data ( that didnt help either.)

Yeah this has happened to me before… But since i code my solution locally so i never lost any data

in offline ide’s we have to put input cases everytime so thats why i prefer Codechef’s iDE.

Why don’t you try sublime text?

i just googled abt it and found it has like input file feature
thnx for sharing that.

but lol it costs 6k indian currency :frowning:
guess gotta look for something else.

No it’s free to use, just don’t buy it if you don’t want to

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how to get autosaved the code?