Major problem with October Lunchtime

Obviously there was a problem with the test cases or something of the KTH97 problem from October Lunchtime. However, there’s a much more fundamental problem as well.

According to the editorial, the solution for this problem is based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

According to the problem setting guidelines, the problems for Lunchtime contest are supposed to be “strictly restricted to IOI syllabus”. However, according to section 5.3 of the IOI syllabus, FFT is strictly excluded from it.

Why is it that this problem was included in the first place?


Because nobody bothers read the problem setting guidelines . The same page also says all problems should be ready 3 days before the contest.


At least tag someone here. Probably admin and moderator.

khanapurti(formality) karte hai… mahine mein 2 contest karvate hai usme se bhi 1/5 unrated hota hai and goal rakha hai GOLD AT WORLD FINALS OF ICPC… and long challenges ka toh pucho hi mat long challenges have degraded the credibility of ratings at codechef… codechef have some latest 6* coders who had given just 1-2 short contests and kuch ne toh touch tak nhi kra(:joy::joy::joy:) this obviously clicks how it is possible…toh kya ve ratings cheating karke banayi hai kya??? i know asking for help in data structure/algo understading is fine but some people badly hurts the spirit of CP… it’s not the fault of those peoples they are just taking their chances from the loopholes of the contests culture at codechef… please admin allow some more short rated contests at codechef i don’t think there is a scarcity of good problem creators (who creates problem without taking 100s/500s of dollars) @admin @vijju123


Aisa Kyoun Krte hain :zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:


I find some college contests to be much better than Cook-off/ Lunchtime . Why not put some effort in these contests and make them rated?