Make EDITORIAL must for ALL contests in CodeChef

This is just a plea on behalf of several others such as me. i am pretty sure there are many who take part in contests and end up trying a single question with all your heart for >1 HOUR only to not get it during the contest.

Maybe you almost got the solution, maybe you did not. So you badly want to see the editorial and learn to solve the beautiful problem that really got to you! BUT then if the editorial is not there! its just really heart breaking, its almost as if all that hard work went to a waste!

And i believe that almost half the contest that are organised in CodeChef do not end up getting an editorial. I don’t see the idea of such contests :frowning_face: because then where’s the learning involved there for interested ones after the contest. And doesn’t it mean anybody can randomly copy 5-6 problems, make it a contest and leave it. I feel this only creates more problems to the community as such.

So please please please try and mandate that it is necessary for all contests in CodeChef to have an EDITORIAL. I feel this only helps the CodeChef community :)) and also makes it more interactive and learner-friendly :slight_smile:

If you felt the same, please like this post and show your support to bring this to the attention of CodeChef. Thanksss!



Yes I feel this would be great.
Codeforces has got editorials for nearly all the problems. This way we developers can really enjoy the cp journey. The community talks will be fun as well.
@vrishinvv Thank you for bringing this up. I support this 110%.


Recently, I took part in a non-rated contest and it’s not good see that no editorials were provided for any of the problems.
It should be mandatory that problem setter should provide an editorial along with the problem.


Agree, there’s no point in organizing a contest without an editorial.


In that case, colleges will stop conducting their contests on codechef and will switch to some other platform like hackerrank or hackerearth. It’s because most of the external contests are college contests, and I believe colleges conduct them on codechef so as to provide more publicity to their event and college. But, in that case, I don’t think that people like to invest their time in writing editorials. This is what I think.

Rather, I think making it mandatory to post a blog for the contest announcement on and attaching a link to it on the contest page is a better idea. In that case, people can discuss solutions to problems once the contest ends.


Read the AC solutions one-by-one. If you do not understand what’s going on, move to the next solution. You will get an idea of the approach or an algorithm suitable for that particular question.


I really did not think from this perspective! Thanks for bringing it up and also providing a very nice solution along with it!
PS: I at least feel these external contests can tell before hand if the editorial will be provided or not! but again due to reasons you mentioned they may not do so and mandating it necessary may not be possible :frowning: But if its possible then that change would indeed really be helpful :slight_smile:

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Yes that is what I resort to these days! But sadly many a times, I am unable to grasp on to whats going on, so I felt the need for an editorial :slight_smile:

Totally agree with you

This should be enforced atleast for all “regular” contests such as lunchtime, cook off, long challenge.
Many times I try a medium-hard or hard problem for many hours just to end up frustrated and then I see there’s no editorial: it feels like my time got wasted.
At the very least, all problems marked medium(or medium-hard) or higher should get an editorial. Most probably if someone doesnt get a cakewalk he can ask his friend etc. But on hard level problems it becomes very difficult to find someone who can do it in the first place.
And please, make editorials for challenge problems. There are so many good approaches to these but most of the time the AC solutions with high points are so cryptic with their abbreviations that it’s like a mood killer.


Discuss it here, There are so many good people in this Community that will surely help. Thank you everyone .

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