Making a ladder website for codechef

This is a20j ladders website.I want to get a clone of this for codechef. I want to add questions in my ladder and solve them . The favourite thing i liked about this website is that it shows status of submission also. You can use it for codeforces.
Can anybody help me in creating a ladder like this for codechef?

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Would definitely love to contribute.

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Start a GitHub repository so that everyone can contribute. :smiley:

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okay would set it up. How will we see the difficulty(default difficulty set by codechef for the problem or by ourselves).

I think this is okay.

I’d suggest going through this blog before deciding the problems for the ladder. As we already know the codechef difficulty tags are pretty confusing and misleading so we can’t rely on them for classifying the problems.
The creator of A2OJ has written how he made the ladders actually. So it may be helpful if you read that blog before starting out.

I think that i should make a poll for every question,what the user thinks about the difficulty of the problem.
Let say we got 5 users who rated the problem in the range (1-5) .1 considered to be a beginner problem whereas 5 considered to be a good hard problem. Considering the stars on their profile,we can give them a weightage.

user starsonhisprofile rating given
1 5 4
2 4 3
3 6 2
4 5 3
5 6 3

like this way,we can get the average but it will be quite low,we can also make give codechef rating of that problem as a 20-30% weightage while calculating its difficulty.
It’s hard to see 100-200 people’s account solving that problem.

I would love to contribute.

For this project we can use CodeChef API for fetching profile data, but getting an API key could be tricky.

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so, where is that ladder? can you share the link with me?