Making a private submission

I made a BigInt class for C++.

I want to submit a solution that uses that class. I am worried that someone else might use my class for another contest and I might be struck by the plag hammer as the codes would be closely matching.

Is there any way I can avoid this? It would be nice if we could make submissions that wouldn’t be visible for anyone else other than the person who submitted it.



Read it .

Does this apply for CodeChef too?

This is the only place where you will find exhaustive rules related to plagiarism. More or less plagiarism rules everywhere remains same if they follows competitve programming spirit.

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A friend of mine said he used a BigInt code from CodeForces, and apparently, someone else did the same. But he was still struck by the plag hammer.

His codechef profile:

I do not believe this. If he is penalized, then its because of other reasons. Having common templates is allowed as long as you can prove the template existed before contest started.

These were the submissions:

I don’t find any connection between them except for the BigInt class and their C++ templates

I see that they both are in the list of pardoned users. So I really do not see what you mean by “they got penalized”.

MOSS is an automated stuff at the end of the day. If you get pardoned on appealing I do not count it as penalizing. And I feel thats the correct thing to assume.


The bigger question is why are you sending 6 months old plagiarism mails now?
Won’t it be wise to send within a month?

Because they couldnt be sent then due to issues. Its not like some admin randomly decides “Meh, lets send them after 6 months.”


I didn’t know about that. He told me that he was about to be penalized, and CodeChef hadn’t updated his ratings yet.