when will the ratings for march challenge be updated ? its been quite some time now !!


Cook-Off has been declared unrated this time due to problem of test cases, so I assume you must be talking about the Long Challenge.

They usually take some time for long challenges. And I feel it will take some more time for this March’s Long, especially due to use of unfair means this time by cheaters. (i.e. the issue of solutions/methods to solve this time’s long problems being asked on sites like stackoverflow etc.)

I expect that they will be updating the ratings somewhere around the end of March (~after 25th and before 31st). (Note- That’s purely my intuition/guess based on observation and prediction).

It’s been two days and the ratings still haven’t been updated. I wonder what CodeChef’s definition of “soon” is.

Updated! :slight_smile:

Y don’t cheaters understand that they are not doing anything good to themelves by running behind ranks rather than knowledge…

their unhealthy efforts affects other peoples…

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If we dive into little bit of psychology, most of the times its the “immature thrill” of “gaining things far beyond your capacity” when a person cheats the first time. At least for first timers, they get blinded by short term gains that they aren’t able to analyse any long term effect, or the inconvenience they are causing. Then some of them repeat on and on and become regular cheaters, at that time they cheat because they don’t care about rules. They are gaining something and that’s it.

But the honest truth is, while they MIGHT get some short term gains, cheating drains the fun, and they -

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And then they are like “What to do now?” Its actually a lot of harm on your interests, skills and other things (eg- effects when you get caught). But as we have it, the thrill of “cheating first time AND winning” outweighs the wisdom. And then they slowly become regular cheaters. That’s why a strict action is required.

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admin’s reply on Facebook: “We will be updating the ratings soon. The delay has been due to some pending fixes in the new rating system. Once we do that, we will update the ratings.”


ohkkk thanxx !!