March Long Correction

If there is something wrong with the answer set of a question in long challenge will we get points for it if it is highlighted after the end of challenge?

There are testers, who verify the questions beforehand.

Also, every question had a AC, so it’s unlikely that there was something wrong with them.

Even if something pedantic was wrong, you won’t get points unless you got AC.



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In previous April long the test sets of a problem were not according to subtasks(unordered but correct)
After end of challenge they corrected it and updated the scores.

Sure, that could happen. But we don’t give any extra ‘bug-bounty points’ for reporting it, which is what I interpreted the OP to be asking about.

Oh I misinterpreted it.
‘Laddus’ and ‘Reward’ click me up for bug bounty.
I interpreted points as in scores.

hey at first i had submitted a solution of a question lazer everywhere alternate whose solution id is 30208560 . and after the contest ended i submitted a new code having id - 30511862. and according to me i should have awarded 30 points(subtask-1) in my 1st submitted solution in reference to 2nd submitted code . its unfair with me please resolve this…