MARM: October Long Challenge 19

My code seems to run perfectly fine for this problem statement. But on submission it shows wrong answer and even NZEC. Seems evaluation or the test cases are wrong!!!

Problem statement: link

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If there are successful submissions to the problem with your language then 100% its your code.

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But, I have checked rigorously, answers are coming perfect.

you must be taking integer input . But this all the input are given as a string and you have to extract all integers from that string.
ex -
2 2 3 4 -> this whole is taken as a string in python by input( ) fn and when you try to convert it to integer to present spaces it is not possible to do so.

Don’t think there is any issue with the code…

Here are the submissions in Java. You’ll see that a lot of coders have achieved 100% score with their solution. So there are no problems with the evaluation or test cases.
Please go through your solution again to find the fault. Let me know when you solve the problem. Cheers!

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Unfortunately, that is not allowed according to contest rules.


No, that’s not the issue

~2500 correct submissions almost certainly confirms that neither the test cases nor the question is wrong. And there are people who spend 7 out of 10 days debugging an = instead of an == . So stop asking for help, and try to solve it on your own. Even if you want testcases, figure them out yourself. You still have a week to solve it. If you still can’t solve it, wait for the editorial to be released after contest.


Haan, kar lungaa solve m gyaan mat do zyaada…

Then why did you create this thread in the first place ?:man_shrugging:

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This is Codechef forum, I can post here. This is made for the community and I can have the discussions.

Go through them once when you are free : :slight_smile:
Link 1
Link 2

Point No.1 : I haven’t asked for any solution Ok!!
Point No.2 : You were not invited to teach me what should I do and what I shouldn’t!!

I very well know that I have got much time to solve the problem.

Point No 3 - I think you’re new to Codechef Discuss, otherwise you would have seen this.


well said bro! it has motivated me a lot.

Use the comment feature. This is discuss forum, not your personal forum that you dont pay heed to rules.

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