Mass cheating on CodeChef!

Has CodeChef taken any measures this time to deal with mass-cheating that is happening these days in the long challenges? It’s very annoying when you solve a question after striving so hard but some people will just go to YouTube and copy the solution. This just decreases our ranks and also it’s very depressing to see these types of foul practice happening on this platform. CodeChef really needs to work upon this or-else it will lose it’s value. All these people who have worked so hard to achieve their stars will be of no worth in the coming future if this continues over time.

If anyone has any idea please reply with your ideas as this thing needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


This will be my first long challenge. I heard about this in the January long challenge for the first time. I hope all goes well as it will affect the ratings of new coders like me who are not going to solve much problems. Although I’m not thinking about ratings too much because this is my first contest but it will be very good to have a fair contest.

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