MasterChef - The complete CodeChef IDE

The team no_hopes :stuck_out_tongue: presents you the MasterChef, an IDE crafted for the chef users.

App Description: MasterChef is an electron app, hence is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MaxOS) IDE built for speed and convenience of the chef users. The app uses CodeChef API at the backend along with Alibaba cloud. MasterChef also brings you a special telegram bot ChefBot which promises that you won’t miss any CodeChef contest ever. The app would definitely act as a solution over to the constantly occurring server issues and would also help ease the load on our Chef!

Video Demo: Google Drive (Sorry, no music :P)

Presentation Slides: Google Slides

MasterChef Code Repository: Bitbucket

Release Builds: Bitbucket

ChefBot on Telegram: Telegram

ChefBot Code Repository: Bitbucket

Find all links here: The MasterChef website (Dull website, but its just for the info!)

I hope everyone enjoyed the hackathon, it was fun! I would definitely like to see more such hackathons in the coming future.

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Looks great, but one thing I didn’t understand is how will this ease the load on codechef.

Awesome! This is quite different from others. Wow, CodeChef must have received a lot of ideas through this hackathon now. It looks much similar to Topcoder arena (maybe it was the motivation) but it isn’t like that. The UI is simple and fast, which looks good enough.

Btw @bhushan_ can I try this application on my pc? I am eager to try this out but the download links are restricted I think.

Access denied for download page, Plz provide a good link.