Matched brackets explanation

The nesting depth of a well-bracketed sequence tells us the maximum number of levels of inner matched brackets enclosed within outer matched brackets. For instance, the nesting depth of () and ()()() is 1, the nesting depth of (()) and ()(()) is 2, the nesting depth of ((())) is 3, and so on.

I cannot understand nesting depth ??Can someone explain

Well it’s easy. Nesting depth here u can assume as bunch of matched pair of brackets together.
((())) u see in this we have a nested brackets.
Simply understand it as nested matched brackets.
()() This is not nested so 1 is max depth
(()) Here 2 matched ones are nested in each other so depth = 2

((())( Here nested depth will be 2 again, figure it out yourself. If not able to understand reply.

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