Mathematics Genius- CodeErA

I had submitted a solution for CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone and it got accepted.b However now it is showing wrong answer .Why?

same here :confused:
i think it is removed from the contest

same here bro…I was so happy to do that but now :frowning:

same here too buddy…
nd its not even removed from the contest…
its very disappointing for beginners nd learners like us :frowning:
i too have posted question

python users had answered the question >_<

It is working correctly now.

Probably, the test cases must have been updated. But this shouldn’t be happening in middle of the contest.

Is there really a problem with the test data? As last time when it showed WA, the accuracy was 0%. However, now, it has accuracy 3.52%


i suppose there is some kind of error in the ques … thats why it is showing 0 succesful submissions tooo

It is again showing AC!!! But it is not mentioned in the rank list.

oh yeah! :smiley:

Again some problem has occured