(Maximuim Profit Problem)

Don’t Know the difference between these two solutions .If there is anything wrong in my code please let me know . Thanks in advance .
My code: (Giving WA idk why )

Accepted Code:

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Don’t do trash contests.



I have seen most of the solutions using int got accepted, while long long submissions got wa. The interesting thing is no solution with python got accepted, don’t know why!

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Maybe space related issue , like n and all array elements are in same line

I tried assertion to catch this issue (to get runtime error), but the input format seems correct(as I got WA). There may be something wrong with the output matching.

Yes you r right !!

Using C++ you can’t catch space related issues , or to catch it you will have to take whole line as string as input

You are Right Bro!


Wrong Answer Verdict Solution: Wrong_Answer_Code

Right Answer Verdict Solution: Right_Answer_Code

Both Files are Identical: Let_Me_Check

Both are Exactly Same. You can Cross Verify as Well!

The Same Solution after the Contest is Accepted, Quite Strange🤔!

same happened with me, I submitted a solution for this problem in contest, at that time it was giving me WA. but when problem moved to practice I submitted same solution(without even space difference) solution got AC.