May challenge

Does may challenge have questions really hard compared to usual long challenge or i am the only one who is facing this


Yes , may challenge is hard from usual long challenge


Maybe that’s because you are not chinese, it seems that it is not so hard for them…7 of the top 10 in the div1 ranking and top 1 of div2 at the moment are from China. :clap: :clap:


Can totally feel the same.

It’s all about practice… And by seeing this long challenge, I think I need more practice.


agreed. i also need a lot more practice

It’s a game of luck bro :slight_smile: All the best!


Last long contest was easy now this contest is too hard! Totally unbalanced contest :neutral_face:

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The scenario was somewhat similar in March Challenge. The problems indeed hard. However, now we have our whole day to devote to the problems :stuck_out_tongue:.

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February long challenge - Very easy
March long challenge - Very difficult
April long challenge - Very easy
May long challenge - Very difficult



ya sequence :laughing:

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i only scored 200 , i tried my best ! i feel so sad !!!

u are a 6 star , it should be easy for you

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And here we see the sequence :joy:

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yes?! Don’t overestimate the stars, at least no up to 6. Not a single challenge was easy for me, I think I was never able to solve all the problems of a long challenge and, except for the first one or two of the div1 problems of each challenge, it takes me several hours or even days to reach a solution of the middle problems. The difference is huge with truly (7 stars) experienced competitive programming coders, not just one star, and sometimes, even them, struggle with some of the most difficult problems.


March was much easier than this. I don’t think I have ever solved only 2 questions in a long challenge. Even in march I solved 5 or something.


This one is really hard. This is the first time in 1 year that I can’t solve 3 problems of div 2…
I just mean the 3rd problem in div2 is quite tough this time and requires dedication.
A perfect long challenge to start this month.

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i am 3 start , i scored 200 in may challenge , is it good or bad

star not start sorry

I’m no one to answer that but if you insist I’d say it’s bad if you’re already giving up with 8 days left!