May Long Challenge 2020

Could anyone please clarify my doubt posted in the comments section of EVENM, Division 2?

Nobody has replied yet and I did not want to ask for clarification in the discussion section so kindly redirect yourself to the link below if it’s no trouble.

Ask in the comment section of the question.

Read the post again.

I guess nobody except admins (and you of course) can see comment posted by you.

Is it? I was unaware about this.
Anyway, if the @admin does come across this post, kindly help out a learner.
@vitz_6, author of EVENM, kindly respond.

EOEO was difficult to understand in the beginning too but the author was so helpful and replied with clarifications in the comments as soon as he could. Thanks again, @sahi1422.


I can’t!!

I’m closing this thread as I got AC in one try without any clarification :joy:

ohk…Enjoy!! :grin: