May Lunchtime should be RATED

Our exams are going on and still we have participated in Lunchtime only for RATINGS and the error was faced by everyone so thats not the issue. Or else keep LUNCHTIME again on 31st May 2019.


@admin please look into this

This is ridiculous. The contest had server issues for almost one third of total time and you want it rated? And the argument you give is because YOU had exams when you gave it?

Sorry, but we have to see for all other thousands of people as well who might NOT have had exams and couldnt perform due to server issues. No compromise can be made over here. Making it unrated is in fact, the best possible route.


Fine. But why are you getting soo angry and rude, it can be explained politely. Not expected from codechef admin.

See? Thats why you shouldnt use unnecessary caps in your replies. :smiley: :slight_smile:

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If the contest is declared rated then
it would be unfair to people who saw the announcement during contest and left the contest

coz he got frustrated
didn’t u read the other post requesting the same?

Good REASON for GETTING angry.:ok_hand:Now I understood WHY customer care is ALWAYS ANGRY​:joy:

which customer care have you been talking to

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Just gonna leave this here… and bye!


Jokes on you. I saw this first thread. XD

Just to clarify, there is nothing here to “frustrate” me lol. I got other important things in my life to do than to let some random online guy frustrate me because a contest was declared unrated when he had exams. :slight_smile:

I really dont understand this mentality though, you guys feel anyone speaking truth and giving you two cents, just not sugarcoated, as someone “frustrated” and “Angry” at you.

What do I have to be frustrate about? I did not declare LTIME unrated.
What do I have to be angry about? I frankly dont care if its declared rated or unrated, because as I said, I did not declare it unrated :slight_smile:

I am curious, why do you people feel everyone is “Frustrated” and “Angry” here? Or perhaps is it something related to your stressful lifestyle that you all are constantly agitated?


Actually customer care people are always nice
you ask them anything stupid and still they will reply politely :smile:

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