Memory foot-print of code

The problem in question is DECSTR. My solution gives a memory usage of 2.2M. In order to find out how to reduce the mem usage to 1.6M, I looked into some other top solutions but found them almost similar to mine. I then submitted another user’s solution (user-name : thechamp) and got a Mem usage of 2.2M. Codechef still lists thechamps’s solution with a Mem usage of 1.6M. Has there been a compiler upgradation or am I missing something obvious?

Language used : C

yup…the compiler of C(gcc) has been upgraded from 4.3.2 to 4.8.1…so the solns which u see with 1.6M is of the previous version…and the 1s with 2.2M are of the newer version…!!!