Microsoft One test 2019

All will be onsite then. Onsite is last round.
( Meaning onsite will be divided into parts )

oh i see…did you get any email or call regarding the results?

Not yet. They will inform us in 4 days.

ohk and any information regarding the interview? i mean where would it be conducted and when it will be ?

No idea. But I think Hyderabad is a nice place to estimate.

oh bummer. thats faaaar

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Anyone received any mail yet?

Those who appeared on 29 .

No, maybe tomorrow they might give the results

I got a call on all 3

Even I got all 3 codes running with all test cases but still didn’t get any call

I guess so . Cuz the interview was scheduled from tomorrow

People who gave test on 22th have got the result or people who have written the test on 29th have also got the result?

Only those who appeared on 22 got the results rest none.

Are you talking about codeagon? Results are not out I guess or are they?

Nope there was one contest before codeagon.

This is regarding the Microsoft one test

anyone who gave one test on 22 sept and got a call

But this message was about code nation

I thought the interview was scheduled on 11 lol