Minimal java neovim cp config / setup

this is the config i have being using for lot of my cp works well with c++ too but my prefrences will always be java

here is the list of all the plugins in the config along with there usages

  1. auto-pairs - automatically puts the matching brackets
  2. coc - for java code suggestions and completions
  3. indentline - a visual guide for indent lines
  4. vim-floaterm - for executing java within neovim
  5. vim-auto-save - automatically saves the files while cursor is still
  6. vim-polygot - for a bit more language highlights

install coc-java and then use F5 to run the code in the terminal

*config :- set nocompatible if empty(glob('~/.config/nvim/autoload/plug.vim')) silen - *


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