Mirror Contest for ICPC India Online Round

This is an appeal from Codechef and Regional Contest Directors that there are many passionate competitive programmers who aren’t eligible to participate in ICPC but they would like to try out the problems or like to compete with other eligible ones. This will only gonna make round more interesting when many red and high rated coders will be on ranklist.

Otherwise atleast hold a mirror round for the same so that many programmers can try out problems.

Coders like @AshishGup or @aryanc403 or @vivek_1998299 @c1_6 and many more will not be able to participate next year. But I guess many fans of them would like to see them on the ranklist.

I would like to hear what others have to say about it.:slight_smile:


Yeah , @ashishgup is a true legend . He has solved nearly 4000 problems . He is my inspiration for ever .


I will meet you all again in next year regionals. :slight_smile: