Misbehaviours in May Challenge to be reported here

As the long May Challenge started and so has the cases of unfair means over some famous forums and what not! People have already started asking for help on various forums, for example:

Here (Link removed till contest is Live), a user is frustrated with the Matchsticks problem so wants to seek some help.

I have few more examples, that I would reveal after the contest.

And even after a lot of warnings for their own sake some people won’t use private settings on online IDEs.

If you find any such case, even after the contest, use this thread to report each and every such case, so that admins can easily have a look post-contest and I hope this will act as a potential threat to those who are willing to cheat in future.


Edit: Links to such cases to be posted after the contest. If other users are going through those links with a hope then can’t really help.

UPD: As the contest is over, so the relevant link is added back to the question.

Edit2: Here is another example of a couple of users fiddling with a normal guy to elaborate the required solution. Check the comments.


@bugkiller yeah admins should keep open their eyes during contests otherwise again cheating case will increases specially a global platform mathexachange and stackoverflow become good place for cheaters to put their questions…

Happy Coding!!!

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This is getting on my nerves! Guys, please have some respect for competitive programming. Admins need to take some strict actions against these users, they are just trying to be smarter, changing the words of the questions and asking on various “overflow” sites.


@pankajb23: Did you read quidelines - http://discuss.ww2.codechef.com/questions/855/what-kind-of-comment-should-i-post-on-the-problem-page ?

You cannot share your logic, answer, input, code, hint, algorithm, etc.

Yes, that’s me who deleted your post twice.

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bugkiller’s edit: Thanks, point forwarded to the admins.

@nims11 : I agree with your suggestion . Maybe CodeChef should have only 2 day long LONG CONTESTS . CodeChef can have a long contest and a short contest every alternate weekend . How do others feel about this and what about @admin


@all What is this going on here… all programmers seems to become PARLIAMENT MEMBER, they are just
throwing dust on others, suppose if some one solving a problem by taking a little help from some where
, this is not a big issue if that is newbie .

What do you want if anybody does not know a problems solution than should he/she wait for end of contest.
My this points is not like if you do not know a problems solution than copy-paste from somewhere…but you can take help from friend.

I am seriously asking you people how many of you are really reading all the editorials after contest. there is also you are suggesting your coding style that you were written this - that instead of setters solutions .
So please stop this kind of non-sense and do some valuable and helpful discussion …

Happy Coding!!!


please if you know the link where a hint is asked keep track and post it after contest is over. Why are you making links available here so that more people get hints on what to do.


@amitupadhyay >> I’ve already said to report after the contest gets over. I had to come up with a valid reason for this question and hence the very first link. Although I can remove that link till contest is going on.

Cheating can’t be eradicated from a 10 day long contest. And on top of that these people won’t get anything beneficial if they are doing such things rather it would be a plus point for us if people are taking super expert advices in solving problems that we solve on our own. So chill and let them do what they are doing and be happy with their codechef ranks. No one gets far with this.


@kavishrox nice point of view. That makes me feel better :)…

@anunay_arunav >> Strange that everyone wants to take shortcuts in life, but it is very well known that there is no shortcut to success. So let them follow their path, let us follow our path, and lets see who gets ahead in a long run. But as far as my duty is concerned, this thread was important to decrease such cases in future.


oh sorry I thought it was my fault as it was not visible second time before reposting it

@kunal361 >> Removed! Thanks for bringing it to attention.

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Indian Competitive coding is getting worse in this area. So many Indians were accused of cheating in GCJ as well. By such sick activities, not only are they fooling themselves, they are also spoiling these competitions. Anyways, I Think codechef long should be little less longer (5-7 days?) to reduce such things.

I had proposed this more than two contests per month thing, but Codechef being a non-profit organisation, the setters and testers will have to work a LOT, even now they have to work hard. So that possibility is ruled out, I guess.

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@nims11 >> that is the reason why you see the top coders list in any competition e.g. GCJ filled with Chinese and Japanese users, not to mention the Russians :slight_smile:
in first rounds, Indian users show a strong win % but later…

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also, newbies like me need some time to workout the problems.
So, the long contests should be some 5-6 days long.

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yup, 2 day long contest and many short contests is just fine. A contest where there’s so much of cheating becomes more of a practice problem set.