Missing Editorials for Long Challenge Problems

I want to start by saying I love Codechef, especially long challenges - I regularly participate and enjoy these 10 days, also usually end up learning lots of new ideas. However, it’s really uncomfortable and uncool that the editorials for harder problems are nowhere to be seen.

It’s been almost a week since August Challenge has ended, and there are no editorials for 3/8 of the hardest problems in Div1 - RGY, PSTONES and ANTS. Maybe it takes a lot of effort to write comprehensive solutions with proofs and stuff, but would be much much better to write something even short, rather than not having editorials for some problems at all.

Please look into this, as it’s hardly the first time. It does make me less inclined to keep participating, knowing that if I don’s solve a problem, I may not see an editorial for it later either, so no way to conveniently learn what I don’t already know. You might say I can read other’s codes, but it’s not the same thing, I hope we all agree on that.


This is just for ANTS, Challenge(Tie-breaker) Problems generally dont have editorials.

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