Missing Test Case for KNGATK problem

Missing Test Case for an Edge Case

Problem Link: Classical Problems Archive > Part 1 > Attack On Kingdom Problem

This problem asks us to find the second smallest integer from an array of integers.

After my successful submission of the right solution, I analyzed my own code and found that my code doesn’t provide solution to an edge case; even the test cases of CodeChef don’t consider this.

Edge Case: When there are multiple integers with the smallest value. (Ex- 1 2 8 6 7 1 3) In this case, the smallest value, 1 appears multiple times.

Desired Solution: In the above example, 1 is the smallest value, and 2 is the second smallest value. So, right solution would be 2.

My solution which doesn’t provide the desired solution for this edge case, is considered correct by CodeChef, instead of considering it incorrect with reference to this edge case.