Mistake in the rating.

Mistake in the rating !!! in the graph it is showing 1403 but in the list it is 886.My rating after june 2013 was 1049 in july i did 4 solution with a lot of commitment and dedication so please admin look after this matter.

Thanking you,
Anand kr Shaw


I see 1403.573 in list.


But probably you wrote about country rank, and I see incorrect link there - http://www.codechef.com/short/ranklist/IN/?page=273

I suspect that many have the same problem, including me. I had 5k+ after JUNE contest and now after +210 points rating increase, it is still showing something in the 5100, because miraculously it got decreased by more than 120 points before updating for JULY.(My Profile) .
I noticed the same pattern among my friends as well, all of whose ratings have decreased by 100-200 points after JUNE contest. I request the admins to look up in the matter, and update the ratings accordingly.


Same here. I got an increase of about 100 points. But my June and July ratings are almost equal.
Admin is requested to look into this matter.

I feel that it is unlikely that there are mistakes in the ratings as the Codechef team took quite some time to finalise the same. Rather, I suspect that the rating calculations for June may have had errors and hence may have been recalculated along with the July ratings and hence all of us may be seeing a lower rating than expected. That may also explain the long delay. I maybe wrong though, so let us wait for the official clarification.

There is some problem in the ratings and they need to be re-calculated.

There was an increase in my rating after JUNE13 challenge but now when I see the graphs there is a decrease in my ratings for JUNE.

When cheating cases must have been taken care of the ratings should increase but for June it has decreased for me.

Also what I have observed in the ratings that the users who attempted one question (therefore they are participants) but incorrect, their rating points show no change but there should have been a downfall as it used to be earlier.(for being a participant in the contest but 0 points)

As you can see there are lot of complaints from other users as well.
@admin please look into it and we all expect an official word from you guys.**


my account shows a decrease in the rating after JUNE but it had actually increased…same as @viaan@admin pls look into the matter…rating is not important to me…this comment is just because there is some bug…:slight_smile:

even my account does not show any increase in rating for june long instead a slight decrease in rating. admin plz look at it.

All the July long ratings disappeared.

i think everyone here is having rating issues. hope that necessary measures are taken at the earliest.

same problem here my rating got decreased :frowning: admin plz look into it …at the earliest :slight_smile:

There is also decrease in my June rating and ranking. admin please fix it.

We are investigating this and we deeply regret this to say that it will take us one more day to fix this inconsistency. Please bear with us for one more day! We are sorry.

EDIT: The ratings have finally been corrected and updated. There was a bug in the previous rating calculation. The June ratings have been recalculated taking into account a few more reported cases of cheating. So you may see a slight increase in your rating points. Please send us an email to feedback@codechef.com for any issues.


now july rating have been removed altogether…what is happening mahn?

@admin…i had a rating of 2200+ rating in june but now it’s showing 2091…i think there is a mistake…

My rating after the June 2013 long contest was also incorrectly decreased. I don’t know what happened, but my current rating after June 13 is shown to be around 13696, while my previous rating was around 13756 (which you can see in the Performance tab, which was not updated). I hope that someone is looking into these matters…

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@admin:Even July rating is disappeared for re-calculation. My June rating has decreased. I request to the admin to check that how my previous month rating has decreased.

@admin : My rating increased yesterday , but less than what I expected . However today my rating has decreased even though I finished 13 ( globally ) and my previous global rank was 28 . Though the graph shows my rating increase by about 400 points today for July , why should my previous rating have decreased . Also the increase it was showing yesterday for July was about 200 points .

I really don’t why are people are being so restless and why so much hullabaloo is being created.

Calm down people, let them take their own time. It’s no use shouting here and wasting your own time.

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@all: admin panel has fixed the issue with the rating system. Fresh rating for July contest has updated.
Thnks to @admin :slight_smile:

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