MMAX Problem

The question is different in the hindi vaesion and english version and when i am solving according to the english version although i am sure that my logic is correct but yet the answer on submission i am getting is wrong .

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Definitely there will be some mistake in your code or logic. It never happens at the same time that code or logic is correct but still answer is wrong.


but the english version and hindi version of the problem is different which one to follow??

English one, coz it’s the only one in which problem statement is updated


which one do you think you should ? :smile:

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English version is followed in case of conflicts in different versions.

thanks i have solved it that way and got my code accepted

:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: hindi one was looking straight forward


Thanks … With English one I got 30 points only … Let’s see I’ll read Hindi :slight_smile:
Got the perfect logic but trying since yesterday .