I don’t know why I was getting wrong ans for brute force solution.

Wrong Solution

Can somebody tell me where I went wrong.

Any help will be appreciated.

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As when you are mutiplying so your result will overflow as A[i] can be 1000 due to that u r getting wrong answer

I too submitted a similar solution and got w.a.
In the above solution long long is used then how will the result overflow. The product of all a(i) is <10^18 is the given constraint

Yeah exactly !!

But in problem, it is given that product of all A[i]'s will never exceed 10^18.

@rana_1234 use unsigned long long int i resubmitted and got right answer.i think constraints are violated in some test cases.

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Infact, both of my solutions , the original constraint and the one with lower constraints worked, after changing it to unsigned long long int…

Here, if anyone wants to refer :

can someone explain why answer is 3 for the given testcase…
according to me its 4

why they are not considering the case of win lose…

@anon83591409 Thanks Buddy.
Any way its fault of author. they did not specify the constraints correctly.

This is because if you will do all possible games, you will get in three sequence he can win.
For ex.
Level1 Level2
Win Win Score = 33 = 9 > 2 One Win
Win Loss Score = 3
1 = 3 > 2 One Win
Loss Win Score = 13 = 3 > 2 One Win
Loss Loss Score = 1
1 = 1 < 2 Loss

Total Number of Wins = 3

Hope you understand.

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I think they have:

LL is an undesirable case as product is 1 in that case.

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@rana_1234 Thanks, I misunderstood the problem…

thanks for explanation…