Mockvita 2020

Was there plagiarism checker even in the Mockvita contest? if I copied a solution without any changes in Mockvita 2 from the web, is there a chance that I will be penalized in the actual Codevita?

On this link ( it’s written there is an internal plagiarism checker even in MockVita. However in the email They’ve sent, the specifically mentioned that “…plagiarism will only be applicable for the actual contest…” … So which one is true?

No mockvita does not have such. But in actual Codevita, don’t directly copy from web and even if you do. Give attribution from where it is taken

Check the updated post once please… are you sure Mockvita will not have plagiarism check? Actually I also though there will be no plagiarism checker, I only copied one and did 2 myself… whereas the solution to all problems was available on the net since they were from previous years. But now I say this link where it’s mentioned Mockvita will also have plagiarism checker.

Please, help me in question C "Dole Out Cadbury ". I try this question in python and cpp.
Here is the result.
In python

In cpp

Time difference is really close. But in python it gave TLE.