more coding contest

hey guys !
it’s holidays for iit’s, nit’s and other regional colleges also and number of contest are not much so i am saying that it would be good if codechef and conduct more and more contest cause this time everyone is free what do you say !!! hummmm ?

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You’re free to conduct yours, if you have good enough problems. What do you say?


see my point is : codechef has really awesome problem setter like dpraveen , devu and many are there who are indians and i think they are also having vacations this time cause they are studying in iit’s so they can manage to conduct more comtests.

(If everyone is free and have no work from their university side we can enjoy these holidays on codechef)

making problems myself , it think it’s big task but previously there were some ACM-ICPC based contests on codechef i am talking about those kind of contests…