Could you please put more contests in codechef ? Looks like a lot of other people have been asking for the same thing. It could help me and other people boost there rating up, encourage people to practice more and think they achieved something when they reach there goal which for me is to get to seven stare. Because there are not a lot of contests it is very hard to reach the goals that we set. Not all people have to be in all the contests so in is better to have more contests than less contests.


Fell free to comment let the community now if you agree or disagree to this.

It’s important to note that increasing the number of contests does not directly improve one’s rating. The key to improving your rating is solving more problems correctly during contests. CodeChef already hosts weekly contests on Wednesdays, providing ample opportunities for practice. Focusing on solving as many problems as possible during these contests will be more beneficial than simply increasing the number of contests.

Agreeable @nolannolan
The current gap between the two contest seems O(N)
Let’s at least bring it to log N.
Need to optimise a bit!

@harshil05 Buddy, your point is valid too
But at least biweekly contest won’t do any harm
In fact, it will help in knowing where one actually stands and then practice accordingly.
What’s the point of mindlessly practising?

Well what if they miss the contest, they will still have a second chance. and like what I said:

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It would be nice to have contests scheduled during the weekends so as to make it easier for people around the world to join with less conflict.

If reaching a certain rating or rank encourages you to do more, then why not participate in other websites too!!

Every week, I participate in about 5 - 7 contests.
1 → Codechef starters
1 - 2 → Codeforces round
1 - 2 → AtCoder beginner contests
1 - 2 → Leetcode Contests

Participating in different platforms will allow you to gain exposure to a wide variety of problems.

AtCoder → problems D, E, F focuses on some beginner-to-advance data structures

Codechef → Trees, Binary strings and Mathematics are the most common topic in the contests

Codeforces → All-in-one type contests. Upto problem DIV2C all the problems are ad-hoc and don’t need any special knowledge of fancy data structures.

LeetCode → Usage of advanced data-structures and advanced (quite well-known)algorithms.

[ Everything written above is just my opinion. ]

There’s also a website by the name CLIST from where you can overview of all your cp accounts and also a calender which shows all the upcoming contests in every cp websites.

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Don’t rely only on Codechef contests try Leetcode weekly contest and Codeforces i think they’ll surely improve your level .

Not all people want to make accounts in a lot of websites and for me a lot of the other websites are blocked.