More contests

Dear Codechef admins,
I really want to participate in a Codechef contest, but at that time, I have school. Since basically every starters contest is on a Wednesday, I rarely will have the chance to participate in a contest (only during vacation). I really hope that you will add contests on Saturdays or Sundays. I think some people are also experiencing this problem. Just to let you know, I am in the New York timezone (GMT-5). If this problem gets adressed quickly, I will be very happy :smiley: .


I can’t say whether your request will be taken into consideration or not, but if you want to practice/enhance your competitive programming skills, you can check out other sites as well. Such Codeforces, AtCoder, etc.

You can go to USACO or you can go to

The contests on Wednesday are pretty rough for sure!
I hope they change that but pretty unlikely!