Morgan Stanley Conformation

How many could solve 3/3 questions on today’s online round of Morgan Stanley?
I was able to solve 2.5/3 :wink:


intern or fte ?


Even I was able to solve 2.5 out of 3 last one 7 out of 13.How many test cases have u solved for the 3rd one?

Mine was 6/13 sed life ;-(

Same dude , but only 4 out of 13 cases were ryt in last one :cry:. Lets see hope for best.

could you share the questions ?

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First two were quite easy , even the third one was also a bit easy but i messed up in implementation part . It was a story based problem , basically we have to return the maximum number of points that lie on a line . I used the slope logic and used hashing but don’t know where it goes wrong.

What was your approach to the third question that got 6/13 ?

Hey can you share the questions asked in the coding round ?
It will be a lot helpful for the ones who didn’t appear

Nope it was not!

Think about the question in a proper way!

Hey can you please share the ques , will be beneficial for people who didn’t appear

Managed to do 2/3. Couldn’t solve the 3rd one, ran out of time

Can you share the a link where i can read all those questions? I didn’t sit for the contest but would love to try those questions.

2/3 and passed 2/13 test cases of third by chance as i didnt got the optimal approach of that

Find the minimum number of straight lines needed to connect all the given 2D points ( i assume that was the main of the question)

Anyone got any mail for further rounds at morgan stanley??

No. Did you?

No? How many questions you had solved in the online test

Can someone please share the link to the contest… It would be of great help!!!