mugurelionut has not participated in April 2015 long contest ?

I am quiet curious to know why mugurelionut is not seen in april long contest ? Is he deliberately not participated because of couple of time he raises some cheating issues ?

Occam’s razor says he was busy.


He is also a human who has a life and work apart from Codechef and for someone so well-versed in programming as he is, I can imagine that he might get bored after a while… Even I do and I suck at this so… it just happens :))


Codejam Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s nice to see that someone’s keeping track if I participate or not :slight_smile:

Leaving the joke aside, the Easter in Romania took place exactly in the last week-end of the contest. Although I haven’t been busier than usual in the first 7 days of the contest, I was quite busy in the last 3 days. So I deliberately decided to not participate, because I knew I might not have enough time to optimize the solution to the challenge problem (which I usually do in the last days of any Codechef long contest).

Regarding the Codejam suggestion - I work at Google so I can’t participate in the Google Codejam (and neither can many other strong competitors, e.g. @ACRush).


@mugurelionut There are thousands of coders who use to follow great talents like you and thanks for the warm reply :slight_smile:

Everyone keeps track whether you are participating or not…

@rohanagarwal Stalker?