"Multiple CodeChef accounts associated with this email address"?


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got the same message :sweat:
i thought i was the only one!

Please expect mails from Codechef with all details by 13th Feb 2020.
Also, again, do not worry about your existing accounts. No action will be taken without asking respective users. Please also let your peers know about the same.
Thank you for your patience.


Thank you!

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Hi All,
Emails have been sent. You should receive them anytime now. Please check and let us know if you still have any concerns or have not received a mail.

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Thank you!
My extra ID was made from Facebook Login. :slight_smile:

I have removed it.

I haven’t received any mail yet

Thank you , i have created it 3 years ago :sweat_smile: . I have removed it.

The account names linked with your email address are mentioned in the mail itself… Read the mail carefully.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi devika, if i change the email of other account linked with the same email would it be ok.

Yes that is fine

I haven’t received any mail. Please send me usernames associated with my email address.

These are the accounts linked to your email id : a_bikram492 and

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Thank you! I deleted the account with username a_bikram492

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I have not received any reply.
This is my only handle - sandeepg97

I don’t know any other handles I have. As far as I know this is the only one.

Hi Devika, i have not received your reply about the same topic…Please tell me which accounts are linked to my email!

I have not received any mails till now. Please tell me the usernames linked to my email.