"Multiple CodeChef accounts associated with this email address"?

As far as I know, there are no multiple accounts with my email address. This is the only account I use for submitting my code. Now they are saying to delete the secondary account before 16th feb but I don’t have any. What should I do now?



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You can mail them, or reply in the same thread asking them to delete all other accounts except “your handle”.
Tell them that you are not aware of any other accounts.
Moreover you should change you password of email id as one can’t create an account without having access to your email id.


Check your email, search with keyword “Codechef”, Check if you ever made an cc account before.

My friend received one as well, the above approach helped him find that cc account which he created 2 years back and had forgotten about it’s existence


Even I have received the same mail. I am also not aware that any other account has been created from my mailing address.

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Yeah, I requested them to delete other accounts but I don’t think there are any.

Yeah I checked but there are no new accounts notifications kind of email by them

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LOL, I received the same mail and that literally freaked me out.
I haven’t even logged in to this account in a while… but surely I don’t want it to be deleted.
I mailed them back saying that they can let me know the handle names of accounts linked to my email-id, so that I can get rid of them.

I have received the same mail. As far as I can recall I haven’t used any account apart from the one I usually use. I believe this is a genuine alert sent by Codechef on our mails. I have mailed them to send me all the usernames linked with my email.

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I usually sign in using g+ account but when I was selected to participate in CCDSA exam after that I was told to create my password since login through social media was disabled. So I created the password but the username and the email id remained the same. Is that the reason I’m getting this mail?

I too got the same . I have only one account registered with my current email .

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lol I also got same email . I don’t have any other account


I also got same email.

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I’ve recieved the same mail and I don’t have any other account. I also searched all my previous mails from codechef and the first was for my current id generation. No other mail was about new id generation. I’ve replied them yesterday to send me all handles associated with the email but still no response from codechef. If it’s a mistake, Codechef should take care of these kind of issues. I’ve put too much efforts with current id and I don’t want it to be deleted.

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No active account will be suspended. This is only to eliminate fake accounts on the platform and no genuine cases will have any impact on their existing accounts. All account suspensions will only be done after the user of the specific email address confirms so.

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In case any user feels that they have received the mail even when they have only one active account, please write to us on help@codechef.com and we can help you with a list of accounts associated.

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Wont it be a better idea to add all associated usernames in the mail?
Right now there doesnt exist any mechanism to find all emails associated with an email address.
I remember pointing out that one can register multiple usernames with one email and showed that by creating one more username. In reply of that mail I got that I have 3 usernames () instead of 2 as I pointed out.


Got a similar mail.

I had 2 accounts with this email (nuttela), but had deleted all of them long ago.

Codechef had the mechanism of allowing multiple id from single mail and most of them faced this issue.


What is the point of dropping mails to those, who have already deleted them.

Did anyone got replies regarding accounts ?

We will send a list of all accounts associated to your registered email addresses soon.
Request you to not worry about the account suspension and thank you for your co-operation.