Must known algorithms and data structures

i am a noob in coding can anyone list some must known ds and algo for becoming good in coding thanks in advance.

I would just ask you to kindly search the forum before creating a new thread.
Chances are that your question had already been answered! :slightly_smiling_face:
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I agree about first googling and trying to find whether a similar answer exists before posting it :slight_smile:

But here’s Sameer Gulati’s List : Data Structures and Algorithms

Quora Link :

CCDSAP link :

EMaxx-Ru (English) algo list :

But honestly don’t worry about all the algorithms you need to learn. If you’re starting out, you’ll find problems that require thinking but not some advanced data structure like Seg Tree Or DSU. Once you are good with implementation, ad-hoc and you’ve built your skill, try other data structures.
Mainly try to learn DS that you see in a contest in a problem you couldn’t solve (by tags for example)
Just my opinion :slight_smile:
Feel free to learn in whatever way suits you!!


Learn Linked lists, stacks ,queues ,trees and graphs for DS.
And basic sorting algorithms to learn algorithms.