Please leave any links and information about getting started with MVVM with WPF.

I completed the syllabus material for the WPF certification a few years ago - was not able to take the exam (70-511) before it was retired. Have not used WPF at all since then but I have been trying in my spare time to get to grips with implementing MVVM with WPF. I am C# certified but again I have not written any code for some time - doing projects like this is a way of keeping my skills from becoming totally atrophied.

It would be great if this thread would become the hub of information for MVVM development on CodeChef - if one already exists, please let me know where to find it. This could potentially have links to other technologies involved in implementing world-real solutions with MVVM at the core.

I look forward to everyone’s input.


It would be nice if you wrote what MVVM and WPF is at the bottom. Not very common short forms :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi drag, thanks for your response.

Apologies, I thought those were well known Microsoft technologies.

WPF - Windows Presentation Framework
- this uses the XML dialect, XAML

MVVM - Model, View, View-Model design pattern
- implementing this pattern allows for a two-way data link between the
UI and the backend (e.g. SQL Server… which might be done
through LINQ and EF) i.e. any change made to the data made at either end
of the link is immediately reflected at the opposite end of the link.

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can anyone suggest ways of getting this topic more exposure?
I am sure that there are many experts in this arena on this site…
Please send me your replies.