My brother stole my code

This is for the problem-MMAX of July Challenge.
My Submission-
His Submission-


funniest plagiarism ever !:joy: , btw nothing will happen by posting it on forum you should mail this to codechef.


Would they ban him?
I don’t want so.
Just his rating to decrease.


Mail them about this…

I don’t think they’ll ban either of you. But yes, they are gonna decrease the rating of both the accounts :sweat_smile:
Send a mail to them explaining what happened and hope for the best

Yes, you should mail them regarding the issue!
Most probably they will give a warning and also reduce rating points for plagiarism.

Aree waaaaaah… :slight_smile:


Tough competition with your brother :slight_smile:


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Sorry :smile:
Dhyan se dekhiye bhai ne chhuraya bhai ka code…



Did he steal your code from another city? Your profile locations are not the same.

Anyway … don’t worry, there are many brothers that stole and many stolen brothers around here. We should start making a list and you could share your pity with other stolen brothers.


necroposting 100

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you are right, I didn’t realize

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My cousin and I were disqualified from FebCookOff. They detect mathing after 3 months latter…and mailed us in May month that we broke rules and disqualified from that contest!



Funniest plagiarism ever​:joy:.I forgot the spelling of “funniest” too,while reading this!!?:joy:

I nearly forgot about this post :joy:
Please keep in mind that I was at 2 Stars back then.
Here’s the Aftermath:

  1. I changed my password.
  2. We have been really competitive ever since, which helped us both excel. This one-time rating drop actually proved beneficial in the long run. :joy:

Also just tagging him here to see if he replies back. @manjot1151 : )

At that time and currently (due to the lockdown) we are in the same city.
My location is the one from my uni.