My codechef discuss is linked with incorrect handle

my CodeChef handle is “@chaos_”
here’s my real account link

but I when you will see my codechef discuss profile and click on the link it will take you to “@chaos” instead of “@chaos_”

here’s that false link

This has also lead to not displaying my stars…is this any problem from my side?? or is it a glitch in codechef?


I think both are two different accounts registered using the same email. You should only try logging in this duplicate id and see if this works

no it ain’t working…I didn’t receive any email after filling “forgot password” form

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This is glitch by Codechef due to underscore ( _ ) at end. This happens with me also…
My Account Link is :

False Link is :

Plz @admin look into this issue :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a known issue due to incompatibility between discourse (discuss) and codechef username policies. Basically, underscores at the end of the username are not allowed in discourse. This requires a significant dev effort to fix, but we will get to it. Just that it’ll probably not happen for the next couple of months.

Sorry for the trouble till then!


Can I do something else for it?? maybe changing the username or something like that?..If not can I get any tentative date…cuz it really creates some problem, people’s reply to our questions very much depend on our ratings

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The link from your discuss profile to the CC profile should actually work properly now. We’ll try to fix the stars display too, soon.

@admin, I cannot open someone’s codechef profile from discuss link. Is anyone else facing this problem or is it a bug.