My condition is not being executed (if statement)

I am developing a treasure hunt and in the program I need to validate the number of players and also the age, when it comes to the age stage I cannot get the result I am looking for. When I run the program, it prints on the screen that the user is not old enough to participate in the game. Since the age I enter is greater than 12 years.
If anyone can help me, I will be forever grateful. See my code below.

for (int i = 0; i<qtdPlayerArray.length; i++) {
System.err.print(“please enter your age player “+(i+1)+” :”);
ageUser[i] = kb.nextInt();

            if((ageUser[0]>=12) && (ageUser[1]>=12)) { //((qtdPlayerConverted >=2) && (qtdPlayerConverted <=4))
            else { 
                System.out.println("Sorry you are not allowed to play this game!!");