My contest disappeared from my profile and rating dropped by it own

I had participated in June Long challenge and June Lunchtime and due to these contests my rating increased but now both of these contests are missing from my profile and only the contests before them are visible. The strange thing is that all my submissions from these contests are still visible. I don’t why this is happening as I have never indulged in plagiarism or anything. Can anyone help me here?

Happened to me too

My Rating Changes For June Cookoff and June Lunchtime are also gone.Whats Happening?

Probably they are running MOSS right now

… what is MOSS?

Checking duplicate codes

means it’s like plagiarism?

My rating is updated but only for june long challenge

Same bro

Can you check whether your lunchtime ranking is updated or not ?

ratings got updated for cook off but not lunch time

June Lunchtime and Cook-Off ratings are not updated.

My ratings are back