My DEC19B rank (370) dropped to 13k and score to zero (I didn't copy)

I participated in December long Div2 2019 (which was my first contest on codechef )and had a rank of 370. Recently when I opened my account I saw that my rank for December long 2019 had dropped to 13k which was for score zero, but the ratings are the same as before . Also when I open the contest page I see all my solved problems which had green tick having a yellow tick and the score as zero. I don’t copy in any contests . @admin and @vijju123 I request you to please resolve this issue .

Posting it here won’t help, mail them regarding the same

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Check the email associated with your CC account (including spam) for an email from us about plagiarism, and reply to that. If you can’t find it, send an email to