My Opinion to stop copying of the code of the live contests

With the help of some social media platforms some code chef user are sharing the code of live contests mainly in long challenges though which the desired user are not getting the ranks which they opt to. so in regards to this i think that code chef should implement a algorithm to the submission process of a live contest in which they have to check the similarities between the codes at the time of submission. If the code which is going to be submitted found 95% - 100% same with an previously submitted code then the code chef have to give warning to the user regarding the copy of the code from other user using some social media platforms. And if the user get caught for copying someone code next time too he/she must be banned from the code chef platform. Its my opinion to reduce the misuse of the long challenges. So that the desired / hardworking users get motivations to solve more and more challenges.

These are my opinion , please comment your opinion too…

some questions have similar type of answers then ??

The approach of the solution may be similar but the variable used, datatype used has not to be same. The pattern in the two solution has not to be same.

some pro level cheaters are expert in manipulating the answers !

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I believe that’s exactly how MOSS works and is working, after every contest or maybe during, people whose code is similar to others (for easy questions it can be very much similar and as toughness increases, the similarity is expected to be low) and if they find out that someone is cheating, their rating falls, it can be seen in his/her profile as a sudden fall in rating and an arrow. If you find someone cheating on online platforms, you can report it via mail and the team will look into it :face_with_monocle: , if found guilty, same thing happens. DO REALISE THAT CHEATING IS NOT SOMETHING NO ONE IS AWARE OF. ON THE CONTRARY, EVERYONE KNOWS AND THE TEAM IS ALSO TRYING TO NOT LET IT HAPPEN. don’t worry , keep coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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Codechef struggles to even judge the live solutions (till it upgraded to cloud based checkers).
So your idea of checking similarity of the code while judging doesn’t seem to be feasible.