My rank get decreased at starting of contest

In today’s Starters 77 , my rank is decreased from 1262 to 1000 automatically just after participating in the contest. My profile still shows my rank to be of 1262 but in the current contest, it starts from 1000. Due to this I have a negative impact in ranking . Pls fix this and increase/decrease my rank according to my contest performance. Pls fix this problem asaf.

Is it showing 1000 even now? I see that u have solved the first 3 problems so it should have increased…Check again

Yes, I have solved 3 questions till now and my live graph rating is now 1159 . But if my rank is 1262 then it is wrong to decrease my rank in a contest automatically which is less than 1262 also. Pls solve this problem. I think you may understand my problem and fix it. Pls fix it asap.

Pls see this pic and understand that in starting of this contest my ranking does not start from 1262 , it starts from 1000.

I have already make a topic for it but I think by sending one screenshot of my contest page it will help you understand my problem

At starting of contest my rank has to be 1262 but it is only 1000 . See my rank starts decreasing from 1000 but it has to start decrease from 1262 . This is totally unfair. Pls fix this asap.
My rank in profile is showing 0 but before this contest I have given a contest after which I get a rank of 1262. But now it turns out to be 0.

Pls fix this very very very big bug or problem asap!!

“before this contest I have given a contest after which I get a rank of 1262”

No, you have not participated in any other contest before this using this account. Give evidence of that.