My rating decreased

can my rating be decreased if i have not solved any question in codechef cookoff?

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No, if you haven’t submit any solution.

same it happens with me too

i havent solve any question in feb cook 2020,still my rating decrease
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Did u made a submission?? If u have made even a single submission then ur rating will decrease

I made a submission but it was wrong ,I think it should not effect the rating since there need atleast one correct submission

No bro…it doesn’t have to be correct. If you made a submission then u are considered to be taking part in the contest

I think now where it is written if we submit wrong answer it is counted on cc.

See, Codechef follows this policy for making sure whether a participant is taking part in a contest or not. If he submits a solution, it is a proof that the person wants to take part in the contest and is not just solving any other problem on Codechef. He has seen the problem and attempted it, which is the proof for Codechef that you are taking part in that particular contest. Hope you understood it :slight_smile:

My parents will close my internet connection tomorrow because my final exam will start some days later. So, I will miss the March long challenge, cook-off, lunchtime and so many contests of CodeChef and other programming sites. :cry: :cry: So if I don’t participate in any contest then do my rating will fall?

No it won’t, unless you ATTEMPT a question in the contests. As an example see my profile, I have not been doing many contests in February(coz I had my exams) but my rating did not decrease.

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I searched up this post because I am unable to solve 1st problem and my rating will go down soon. Lol


does incorrect submission will decrease my rating if at last I Submit the correct solution?

Your ratings depend on your performance in previous and current contests and expectations from you to perform in your ongoing contest.

A fundamental idea of how the ELO system works is this: Whenever you participate in a contest, you compete in a duel with all other participating players. Based on your current rating and the other participating players’ rating, your probability of winning against each of them is calculated.
Your actual performance is compared against this expected performance, and correspondingly, you gain or lose some points.

Read more about the mechanism here: Rating Mechanism | CodeChef