My Story (Complaining)



Let me tell you my story.

I played in chess for 8 years (had around 50 diplomas, and around 2000+ rating), after that I gone to the Math. And after that in Programming

My depression started in 2014, cause the IOI selections:

There were 6 tours, and in one of the tours one problem was just write the Hungarian assignment and in one problem were wrong tests, after the tour ended all submissions were rejudged. And some problems were known… Unfortunately, not for me…

Before the last tour I had +120 advantage over the fifth place. And lost my advantage on the last tour, I have no idea why it happened. I slept badly and was putted on the worst computer. And lost 130 pts on the last tour.

Yes, I didn’t qualified that year and it was the shame. Can someone tell me what is the sense to give Hungarian assignment on the IOI selections for each year by the same guy?

SEERC’2015: one problem had no constraints, when we asked about that the answer was “no comments”, in the end it appeared that problem was NP-hard and random could pass.

ACM WF 16: I started to drunk after the finals(cause I failed on geometry :)) and seems lost all my mind and depersonalization started. Seems if there will be a robotics championship I’ll take the place #0

I started to be angry on each thing in universe, sorry :frowning:

There is nothing to be proud in my competitive programming career and it’s sad. Except 2 wins on LeetCode contest…


Thanks Anup! Yes, I’m proud that I was an admin. It happened, when my mind almost has gone… :frowning: