My submissions of June LunchTime 2018 not visible

Recently I appeared in June Lunchtime 2018 ,all of my submissions of this contest are not visible on my profile page.Only my rank is visible on my profile page and submissions from June Cookoff are only visible.

My profile link :: vinit_6

Also in successful submissions I found that my name is not there.Also June Lunchtime ranklist no filters are getting applied.
Kindly please look into this.

@vijju123 , @admin

Don’t worry bro, there must be some internal issue .
As of now focus on solving problems rather than checking your own profile page or ranklist of past contests :smiley:


This is not a bug. You’ll be getting an email about this today. Sorry for the delay.

initial symptoms of plagiarism ? XD

I will look it up in evening. :slight_smile:

Its working fine for me. Can you please give me a screenshot? Either here, or over mail, whereever you deem fit :slight_smile:

I have mailed screenshots of my profile page.

Forwarding case to @admin.