My thoughts after reading discuss converations

For the past few days, I have been going through a lot of codechef discuss posts. One thing that I really found prevalent in many of these conversations is the increasing toxicity during discussions. Some points ahead.

  • Reaction to Cheating : First of all, I just want to take my stand on this. Cheating is not acceptable under any circumstances. It solely defeats the purpose of Competitive Programming. We are using this awesome online platform, we have to follow the rules. That being said, I am seeing people making a huge drama out of it even when codechef is now taking almost apt actions to tackle the situation. But people are tagging other people who are supposedly ‘cheaters’ and keep on bashing them. Their only argument is that due to these people, their ratings are low. First of all, these ratings carry almost no weight in the real software engineering out there. Recently, there has been a practice of inflating the benefits of these ratings here in India only. And the sad part is that more and more folks out there are following the same path. This needs to stop. Your rating doesn’t always reflect your problem solving skills in the real world out there.
    ’Game ki tarah khelo ise’

  • Some ‘competitive coders’ reacting to other people’s achievements: This is even more sad than the things I mentioned above. Recently saw a post in which someone had posted a linkedin and codechef profiles of someone and people were discussing how did that person got in ‘X’ company which is supposedly Nirvana for these people. Their argument is that ki how did this person got selected in X even when they are a 3* coder etc.
    I mean like really, the thinking process of these people is getting so narrow that they are missing the aroma of this thing. People are continually bashing each other for one thing or another. It is pretty amusing to read some of these convos.
    Also, wanted to make something clear, your rating doesn’t always get reflected as it is in the real life scenarios in SE. One should be able to commute their ideas, should be ready to hear others. Then only the real growth happens, not the other way around.

Something to think upon !!

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