My YT Channel for CP, Algo and DS

Hi Guys!!

Channel link: algorithms made easy peasy

So it has been quite a while now that I have been spending entire days building good quality and easy to understand videos for CP, algorithms and data structures and now I feel is the right time to ask people to have a look at the work that I have been doing.

“Lots of YT channels, you got something special bruh?”
Well Some of my videos will contain highlights from Counter-Strike matches xD

Here check this out: Goals of my channel + CS:GO

My visions for the channel

You will most likely enjoy watching: Visions and Some CS:GO TeamKills

My visions for the channel include:

  1. First and foremost, I want to make content that can help people become better problem solvers and become capable of approaching real-world problems in an algorithmic and logical manner.
  2. I want to build useful resources for people who would like to learn DSA and prepare for coding interviews. I hope I will be able to make better content than many paid sources out there.
  3. To build a resource that is capable of getting you started with CP and become an intermediate or above. I will thrive to make content which is non-trivial including problems which are interesting to solve from Codeforces, Google Kick start etc.
  4. Sharing my own CP journey, inviting people good at CP to share their journey. Inviting my friends to share their interview experiences and more.
  5. Occasionally make content that is less focused on learning and more on focused on entertainment and chill.

Some of the work previously done by me include:

  1. A beginner series on Dynamic Programming: Entire CSES DP section + CF + kick start
  2. A beginner to intermediate series on DP on trees: CSES Tree section + CF
  3. Editorial on Range queries: This was real fun to write
  4. And more on my channel :slight_smile:

Near Future plans:

  1. A series on DP with bitmasking starting from scratch and going to an intermediate level(6 to 10 problems).
  2. A series on range query data structures/techniques with many practice problems
  3. A series on Digit DP.
  4. Hopefully a lot more, if people support my channel and find it helpful.

I sincerely hope that my initiative will be liked and supported by at least some of the people here.

I did not want to make a blog for this but I have honestly received some lovely responses from people who have tried my videos and I now feel that this is something that I wish to continue for a long period of time as people are finding it useful.



Good job brother… :v: :v:

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Subbing for CS xD.

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Subscribed :slight_smile:


ofc CS is love <3
and yeah thanks @the_redbaron @kasparovian @shuvamag123 :slight_smile:


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It will help me a lot. :smile:

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Upd: started a series on DP with bitmasks.

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